The Oaks Academy School Uniform Policy

You can find the full uniform policy on pages 12 – 13 of the Family Handbook. All plaid and monographed uniform items may be purchased through Schoolbelles on their website using school code S1667 or at their storefront located at 6315 N Keystone Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46220. All other items may be purchased at other retailers that carry school uniforms or through Schoolbelles. *Spirit store products are not approved uniform items for wearing to school.*

Basic uniforms are worn every day except for Wednesday when dress uniforms are worn. These uniforms consist of maroon, white, forest green, or navy polo in short or long sleeves. For boys, khaki pants or shorts, and for girls, pants, a khaki skirt, a khaki jumper (PK-5 only), or shorts (Middle School only from Schoolbelles). Shoes should be solid or two-toned in combinations of black, brown, navy, or gray with white accents only (no additional accent colors). Athletic shoes in these colors with white soles or in solid white are also acceptable. Students cannot wear sandals, clogs, boots, moccasins, or mules.

Dress uniforms are worn on Wednesdays. All plaid and monogrammed items can be purchased through Schoolbelles, school code S1667. Other items can be purchased from other retailers. For everyone, on dress uniform days shoes should be solid color only in black, dark brown, or navy, no athletic shoes. Socks or tights for girls must be white and must cover the ankle and for boys, socks should be a solid color and khaki or darker. Style numbers are listed below to confirm items in our Schoolbelles shop. 

For girls, Pre-K – 5 Grade:

  • Option 1: Oaks’ plaid jumper (#1421), with a white peter pan blouse, and tie (#2825), and optional cardigan  (#5912). 
  • Option 2: Oaks’ plaid skirt (#1521) with white peter pan blouse and vest (#1994) or cardigan  (#5912) with a tie (#2825). 

For girls, 6-8 Grade:

  • Oak’s plaid skirt (#1521) with white peter pan blouse and vest (#1994) or cardigan (#5912) with a tie (#2825) or khaki dress pants with belt.

For boys: 

  • Vest (#1994) with short or long sleeve white oxford polo and tie (#4890). Khaki pants or walking shorts.